02 September 2014

Designer or me?

A few months ago I asked some friends for recommendations for a designer. I was feeling like my site needed a little help. it needed a fresh set of eyes to maybe spruce it up. I still wanted it to center on type and words, but I wasn't sure what else.


01 September 2014


30 August 2014

Every Day is for the Thief

In the last month or so I've read both of Teju Cole's books. They are both wonderful. His writing style is incredibly descriptive, taking me fully into the world his characters inhabit.


27 August 2014

Twitter and me

Frank Chimero wrote about the way Twitter has been changing lately, it's a good piece and if you haven't read it, I recommend you do that before you continue on here. Ever since I read it yesterday morning I've been thinking about it. Not just the changes that are happening currently at Twitter, but also the role Twitter plays for me.


27 August 2014

Pocket sized design

“In other words, by thinking about the needs of the small screen first, you can layer on more complexity from there. And if you’re hearing shades of mobile first and progressive enhancement here, you’d be right: they’re treating their markup—their content—as a foundation, and gently layering styles atop it to make it accessible to more devices, more places than ever before.”